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Sun, 18 Feb

We'd like to welcome "Ava - 21" from our Prince George Agency.

She's here to visit us for 1 - 2 weeks in Nanaimo & she's a little cutie - Asian mix!

She's arrived safe & sound - will be on when she wakes up on Monday ... whatever
time that will be. (probably around the crack of noon .. or later!)

Sat, 17 Feb

We'd like to welcome "Billie - 29" back to our Agency!

She's just here for a short time, now & again - but will
be working full-time via "The Black List" in the Comox Valley area.

** Pictures added a bit later today.

The Black List - CALL CENTER for Independent Escorts'.

250-999-2713 /

** This site is not yet ready & is being build - meanwhile what is there is
half-ass (cause that's how I roll .. this week!) :)

Billie will also have several friends working with her, but I am not
yet aware of who they are.

Feb/Mar 2018
What's up?

We are very pleased to announce several new items:

(1) Black Orchid Agency (BOA) Victoria will be up & running anywhere from the 15 Feb - 30 Mar,
as a legal & licensed Agency in the City of Victoria. (Not 100% sure of exactly which location
as we have several options to think about at this time - so your input would be greatly appreciated
as that will have an effect on my final decision!)

Several services which are also new & will be unique to Black Orchid Agency will be offered which I hope that you
will take advantage of. How many of these additional services that will be provided will also depend on the
amount of space that we'll have, but I'm pretty sure that we should be fine as all 3 locations are of a substantial size
& all are located within the "Downtown core &/or very close to it".

(2) Our new web-site should be up & running within this coming week. It's very clean & uncomplicated.
It will also have additional features added over the Spring/Summer which will should be a interest to many of you.
(if you have any additional ideas - feel free to let us know - your input is always greatly appreciated!)

(3) Our new web-site will also be able to eventually inter-connect you to our sister company
(which is also awaiting it's new web-site as well!)

The Black List - which is an Independent Escort Call Center - 250-999-2713 -

The Black List - is a stand alone company which will hopefully help you to navigate Independent Escorts
who are not interested in working with an Agency nor completely on their own - but will use our company as their
administrative support. This service is 100% totally "their own show" - we are just the admin support & nothing more.

It is our hope that this company will ensure the safety of both the individual Escort & yourself as a potential client.
We will be the ones who confirm that the Escort is of legal age / that their pictures are current & of themselves and
that they provide a fair & honest service.

We hope to eliminate all the scammers / cheats & thieves (yes - I can dream) and to level the playing field for decent
hard-working Independents who are good service providers.

This company is currently on the back burner at this very moment - but does list several ladies (mostly ladies currently
in Victoria who are awaiting on BOA Victoria opening it's doors). It also has a new web-site coming in the works
& it will also be licensed - but I have to sit down with the City of Victoria - as we aren't 100% sure of what it will actually
be licensed as at this point since it will only be a Call Center & not an physical Agency.

(4) Lastly, several of you have been worried about previous BOA Victoria Escorts & clerical staff who you've dealt with
prior and if they will be back. The answer is yes - many are awaiting our return and I have no doubt that they will mix
well with those new & additional ladies that we will be bringing along with us.

As for clerical staff - previous BOA staff who I have trained myself (Leigh & Jordyn) are now back with us -
so don't worry about them, as I plan on them being with us until the end of time (whether they want to be or not!) :)

Apologies for the book, but it's good that you know what's up & to clarify - when I say "we" - I mean only myself, Rikki
& Black Orchid Agency! There will be no future partners - but investors are always welcomed! :) (just sayin!)